XCOM 285 Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint Reflection

The class that I feel I am taking the most from in my studies thus far has been Essentials of Managerial Communication. The course has taught me many valuable forms of communication. Communication is more than just speaking, but it is writing and listening as well. I have learned that active listening is very important in business communication. People must be able to understand the task that is being assigned to them. If people do not listen and pay attention, they may miss important elements of the assignment. The important elements that are missed could be crucial for the assignment at hand; it could make or break the whole idea. In business, people must avoid distractions and capture the key points of what they are about to tackle. The people involved must understand who they will be addressing, what the purpose is, and find the best way to deliver the message. I have taken what I have learned from this course and applied my new and improved skills in my job. I have learned how to read and study my audiences to better prepare myself for a presentation. I have improved my business writing skills and applied them in my job and other classes. One of my favorite assignments in the class was when I had to use e-mail etiquette. I enjoyed reading
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