238 : Miss Black Mamba bad bad day

Miss Black Mamba, wearing a white top, black skirt and high heels sandals, is heading to the car. 

She got a broken ankle, so she has to use the crutches to walk! 

She has to use an old red Lancia with the manual gear, and with the broken foot it doesn’t seem something possible, but she wants to try it anyway! 

She gets in the car, pushes the gas pedal, turns the key and…
Not again! The car doesn’t want to start up! 

Her ankle hurts when she pushes the clutch, but it will be useless if she can’t start her car… 

While she is concentrated on the broken ankle which hurts every time she tries to press the clutch, she doesn’t realise that the car doesn’t give any sign of life! 

She then concentrates on the car, but it almost starts up, it does some sounds but it doesn’t start! 

She goes around the car, and she checks also under the hood, but everything seems fine! 

After a lot of attempts she finally manages to start the car, so she starts giving a big rev to the engine, but the engines doesn’t want to co operate and so it stalls after some seconds! 

She tries again and again but the car does’t seem to start up again…
Will she get home?
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