java EvenOddServer

CS460 Project 1 instructions:Write a client/server pair of programs that utilizes a reliable network connection using sockets.The client will send strings of text to the server, each string representing an integer number.The server will read the strings of text, extract the numbers and get back to the client,saying either “odd” or “even”, also in plain text, depending on the nature of the numbers.
From a timing perspective, the client will send one string of text with one number in it, wait for the server to respond, output the result and send the next string to the server. The number to be checked will need to be read from the standard input on the client’s side. If the client enters text that is not an integer, the server will respond with "xxx is not an integer", where xxx stands for the text the client entered. Finally, if the client enters "bye", the server will respond by also saying "bye" and then shutdown the connection, upon which the client needs to shutdown too.
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