Golden Lion Talisman

The Golden Lion talisman is a powerful tool for success. It is very simple to use, only requires the owner to speak the incantation the spirit and perform the initiation ritual.

Sometimes life can be very difficult. Wouldn't it be great if you can have some sort of magical assistance that would ensure that not only will you be able to overcome most of the life's daily problems, but also that you would be able to Focus and resonate powerful inner strength, as well as achieve a number of other goals? With the power of this magical talisman and the special empowerment, you'll own the capabilities to do just that!

This empowered item with the form of a Golden Lion, which is naturally potent. The talisman itself is further empowered by our adepts. The empowerment includes chants, divine energy, mantras, and special wishes conducted by our adepts.

The blend of these empowerments makes this talisman very powerful, even without a spirit inside of it. The talisman will provide you with daily assistance through your life, and requires only simple mantras to activate its powers. The user only needs to carry the talisman with him in order to feel the powers of the item. You can also integrate this talisman with a Radionics device or simply use it as a digital talisman on your cell phone. This talisman can be used to charge other objects to be infused with the strength of the Golden-lion.

This talisman is designed to give you divine guidance and help in any crisis. Sometimes we go through a tribulation wear every day our minds and our bodies our weekend from unknown conflicts. The Golden Lion talisman he gives you the power to take the next step during your week in time to find grace and gain blessings.

The following benefits of this item are presented below:

- The magical power of the object will assist you to attract Will multiply your power and strength

- Progress in your career or improve your Outlook on your daily life,

- Improve your authoritative presence

- Receive protection from black magic, bad state of mind, spells, and things of a similar characteristic

- You will be able to avoid misfortune

- It will strengthen your internal fortitude


Quantum Grid Prime comes with a more powerful video caster that is supported by 8 servitors programmed with a vast catalog of frequencies. I have not really been able to make much use of it as yet as the main caster works so well. The few rates that I have experimented with and I like the most are from the affirmations section as they work really well.

It also comes bundled with the Golden Lion Talisman which is actually a real gem. I used it on its own to charge myself up, some water and a ring. It fills your body with a beautiful golden energy that increases confidence and gives you solutions to problems like you would never imagine. In fact, I would attribute some of the ideas for the successes I have discussed above to use of this Talisman. More importantly, I had made a really lousy decision to do something that at the last minute I felt the energy from my charged ring dissuading me from doing it. I later learned that I was saved from walking into a major legal trap.

I tried Golden Lion Talisman with the Quantum Grid Prime Caster for around an hour and then went to bed. I had a really intense OBE where I could see higher dimensional beings discussing various conflicts around the world and one of them turned to me and asked if I understood what they were discussing and then I snapped out of it really hard.

I now use Golden Lion Talisman with the Quantum Grid Prime Caster for around 5/10 minutes with certain angelic seals before I begin an operation in order to help protect during the operation or to advise and guide me as to what I should do.
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