GEO 215 Week 2 Population Worksheet

GEO 215 Week 2 Population Worksheet

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 GEO 215 Week 2 Population Worksheet

Complete the Population worksheet.

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Population Worksheet

Complete the following table using the textbook and outside references. The UOP Library offers Culture Grams, Country Profiles, The CIA Factbook, and other sources that may help with this assignment.

Respond to each question with a 350-525-word response.








































Look in recent news  or in historical context for one ethnic, racial, or religious population that was motivated to migrate due to conflict.
Describe a  situation or scenario that may make a population split up or migrate to different parts of the world.
Chose a metropolis or growing city. What does this specific city need to do in order to survive? What challenges will the urban society need to meet in the next 5 years? What innovations have they achieved to help with their growing population?
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