Video Game Construction Kit: Underwater Tomato Ninja Edition

Video Game Construction Kit: Underwater Tomato Ninja Edition

This book makes it fun and easy to explore making video games.

Making **games** can be as simple as playing your own "house rules" version of Rock Paper Scissors. Making **video games** is usually far more complicated. The intent of this book and included resources is to get close to that simple approach: play and change a video game to make it your own.

Go at your own pace and choose your own path along the way. You can read straight through if you'd like. However this book has decision points along the way, that allow you to take your own path through the work.

Learn by doing. Hands-on construction of video games. This book has a variety of illustrations, audio, and code resources to present video game design and development ideas. Explore the material in anyway you find most helpful.

Who is this book for? Do I need to be a gamer, coder, or artist? This book is for anyone curious about making video games. It's for anyone who wants to invent their own rules, art, and/or sound and have it live within a video game.

50 achievements await, including 5 extra difficult CHALLENGE ACHIEVEMENTS. All 50 achievements help you track your progress learning and exploring.

Topics include game design, web development basics, learning to code, learning to change the look, sound, and behavior of the game Underwater Tomato Ninja.
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