Flux + Flow double pack for PolyKB iii

Welcome to Flux/Flow for Xils PolyKB

This is a double pack including both Flux for PolyKB iii and Flow for PolyKB ii/iii. Please note that although Flow was designed for PolyKB ii it also works fine, and sounds exactly the same in iii. Flux only works with iii because it uses the extra facilities introduced with the update.

Flux/Flow are each 35 sounds exploring the capabilities of PolyKB to produce warm, dirty, rich and dusty, evolving textures full of life and movement.

Audio demos:
Flux - https://soundcloud.com/emptyvessel_nz/sets/flux-for-polykb-iii
Flow - https://soundcloud.com/emptyvessel_nz/flow-polykb-ii

The pack consists mainly of pad sounds, some keys and arps in a similar style to my previous PolyM and Oxium packs. The sounds are mainly warm, ambient, wonky, with a Boards of Canada, Plaid and Ulrich Schnauss feel. A few more random additions sneaked in just because I came across a few cool sounds during the sound design process and wanted to include them.

I hope you enjoy!
All the best,
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