MP3 Audio: 2-HOUR HOUSE CLEANSING PRAYER by Brother Carlos

2-HOUR SPIRITUAL HOUSE CLEANSING PRAYER by Christian Exorcist Brother Carlos Oliveira - MP3 File. Get help @ ((( FOR BETTER RESULTS PLAY IT ONCE OR TWICE A DAY FOR 21 DAYS ))) We Do NOT Guarantee Results. This is a 6 Minute House Cleansing and Blessing Prayer that repeats itself for 2 hours straight. Ideal for playing all day while doing other things, and all night while sleeping. It's important that you saturates your home with this ministration since it's effective for forcing demons to go away and stay away. - WEBSITE: My prayer videos and audios are not substitutes to personal prayer, they are just another spiritual tool to be used to force demons and curses out, just like Paul's handkerchiefs that drove out demons and healed sick people (Acts 19). They work! If you were to play heavy-metal satanic music in your house, all day, everyday, even without listening to them, what do you think would happen? Demons hate what is "anointed", "holy", dedicated to the LORD, therefore they do feel tormented when prayers are being played regularly in a home.
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