Summer Break: An Oxenfree Zine

Summer break is nearing it’s end for Alex and her friends - there were good times as well as bad times, and what’s a better way to compile their adventure throughout their entire summer vacation than through Summer Break: An Oxenfree Zine!

All profits made from the zine will be donated to the Oregon Environmental Council, a non-profit organization that works with their community and government in order to overcome Oregon’s environmental challenges. Considering how Oxenfree was set in Oregon and how its sceneries have been a trademark of the game, this zine will support a non-profit organization that is based in Oregon, as well as focused on conserving the wonders of nature itself.

Featuring twenty-two artists, the zine will showcase various locations that the cast of Oxenfree visited around the world, ranging from the United States to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia! We hope you can enjoy this zine as much as the Oxenfreaks enjoyed their break!

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Oxenfree belong to Night School Studio.

Featured Artists for the Oxenfree Zine:

  • Allie @ whisperingrockers

  • Arthur @ pockettprince

  • Astro @ astroslinky 

  • Andy @ seasickgalaxy 

  • Bambi @ bambiwatson 

  • Silas @ decapiteight 

  • DJ @ deathstrcnding 

  • Gaby @ pichikui 

  • Kal @ kalreyno 

  • Karu @ karuoke 

  • Mackerel @ bedwithpills 

  • Chai @ milkychai 

  • Kat @ misterpoofofficial 

  • Moma Momami @ momamomami 

  • Nuktia @ nuktia 

  • Reona @ inorheona 

  • Saph @ srslyarts 

  • Eunice @ sketchamidi 

  • TakanoDem @ demmural 

  • Winona @ hoghugs 

  • Yaho @ yahoberries 

  • Youthfulsapling @ youaremydesertrain 

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