How To CAKE That's Edible SOFT Cellophane Recipe

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After purchasing you will be recieving a PDF format download of the Edible Soft Cellophane Recipe as demonstrated in my "Edible Cellophane Demo" video on my YouTube Channel: .

The recipe includes 24 color step-by-step photographs and detailed instruction.

This recipe is a GELATIN based recipe and requires unflavored, unsweetened beef gelatin.'s Beef Art Gelatin is HIGHLY recommended for this recipe!

IMPORTANT: This recipe uses "Cups", "Teaspoons", and "Tablespoons" for measuring!

The recipe itself is very similar to the Edible Firm Cellophane recipe, so if purchasing a second recipe is not desired, feel free to play around with the ingredients to find an edible plastic to suit your needs.

WARNING: Though Edible Cellophane is edible, it does not dissolve quickly in one's mouth and therefore poses a CHOKING HAZARD especially for young kids! Please remove edible cellophane from cakes or other edibles before serving to guests.

VERY IMPORTANT: This recipe is the property of and may not be reproduced, edited, shared, retaught, or distributed in any manner! This tutorial is intended for personal use only and may not be shared or retaught in part or in whole. This recipe may be used to produce decorations to use for cakes or decorations you are selling to customers, but the recipe itself is not allowed to be shared, sold or retaught.

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