MGT 300 Week 2 DQ 2

The video of Joseph Pine really made me think about the way consumers are today in comparison to several decades ago. This video really opened my eyes to how our economy has evolved. We went from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy to a service-based economy. I can relate to the video in that we are moving into an experience-based economy or have been for several years now. When I worked at an engraving retail shop called Things Remembered (back in the day) our managers would ask that we sell an experience to the customer. They would have us do HEART selling so that we could really become involved with the customer during their visit. I noticed that this helped a great deal with repeat business. I believe that there is so much competition nowadays that when a person is deciding on which store or restaurant or hospital to go to, they think about the service they will receive. There are so many places that offer the same product, so making a decision based on the service you will receive will help to narrow down the options. In other words if I were thinking about going out for dinner and was debating between Applebee's of Friday's
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