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HCS 335 Week 1 Health Care Ethics
Matching Exercise


Complete the
Health Care Ethics Matching Exercise.

Match keywords
commonly used in health care ethics to the definitions on the page. Discuss the
exercise in class and turn in your answer sheet to your facilitator.



HCS 335 Week 1 Ethical Decision


Write a 350- to 700-word summary.

Include the following in your summary:

  • Discuss an
    event in which you had to make an ethical decision.

  • Identify at
    least two ethical theories that support your decision.

  • Discuss the
    problem-solving methodologies you used to resolve the issue.

  • Identify how
    ethical theories impact professional or personal decision making.

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HCS 335 Week 2 Ethical Health Care


Review the
following scenarios.

Scenario 1: Medical
coding in a physician practice

Imagine you work in a high-pressure cardiology physician office
and you are one of two medical coders. Your supervisor is very focused on the
greatest reimbursement to satisfy revenue projections for the physician
practice. As a result, you are asked to "up-code" billing. How can
the pressure of acquiring the maximum repayment for services lead to
manipulating or falsifying documentation?

Scenario 2: Administration
of patient medications in the hospital setting

Imagine you are a new graduate nurse working nights on a busy
medical unit. You just received a new patient who needs to be admitted to your
unit, and you just finished medicating a patient with a narcotic injection with
a dose greater than ordered. Clearly understanding medication errors may lead
to patient injury and even death, explain why a clinician may choose to NOT
report the incident.

Scenario 3: Not
hiring a qualified individual because of discrimination

Imagine you are a new human resources director in a nonprofit
organization and pressured to not hire Middle Eastern candidates by the
organization's CEO. In the United States, discrimination against people based
on their ethnicity, race, or cultural orientation is strictly forbidden under federal
and state laws. Ethical discrimination may result in the breeding of ill
feelings at work, as well as reduced productivity. To eliminate these
ramifications, organizations need to put forth increased effort in curbing
ethical discrimination in the employment sector. What are some interventions
organizations can put in place to prevent discrimination?

Write a
150- to 350-word response for each ethical scenario. Include a title page with
your name and your responses.

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HCS 335 Week 2 Code of Ethics Paper


Research and select a health care organization in which you
locate the mission statement, its code of ethics, and core values.

Possible health care organizations:

  • American Red

  • Centers for
    Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • American
    Heart Association

  • A nonprofit
    health care organization

  • United

  • Johnson
    & Johnson

  • Stryker

  • Verizon

  • GE

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word
paper in which you discuss ethics in a health care organization. Include the

  • Describe the
    organization selected.

  • What are the
    organization's goals? How are they tied to its ethical principles?
    Describe the role and importance of the organization's ethical values.

  • Is there a
    social responsibility for the organization in the community? Explain and
    provide examples.

  • Is it
    important that the organization's ethical values support your ethical
    values? Explain.

Include at least 3 sources in
your paper.

Format your paper according to
APA guidelines.

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HCS 335 Week 3 Administrative Interview


Review the code of ethics or ethics code of conduct,
mission, vision, and values of the organization you work for.

Select someone in a leadership
position at your workplace or at a local health care facility (e.g., pharmacy,
medical office, nursing home, or health and wellness office) to interview. It
could be a supervisor, manager, director, etc.

Write a 350- to 700-word
summary that discusses the following:

  • Identify the
    person you interviewed and their position within the company.

  • Discuss how
    the organizational expectations (i.e., code of ethics or ethics code of
    conduct, mission, vision, and values) impact their decision making.

  • Discuss how
    their decision impacts their colleagues and work environment.

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HCS 335 Week 4 Biomedical Example


Resource: Ch.
1 of Health Care Ethics (6th ed.)

Mantle received a liver transplant in 1995. He was a Baseball Hall of Fame
center fielder for the New York Yankees whose liver was failing because of
cirrhosis and hepatitis. Although the waiting period for a liver transplant in
the United States is about 130 days, it took only two days for the Baylor
Medical Center's transplant team to find an organ donor for the 63-year-old
former baseball hero.

to the director of the Southwest Organ Bank, Mantle was moved ahead of others
on the list because of his deteriorating medical condition; however, there were
mixed feelings about speeding up the process for a celebrity. Mantle was known
for overcoming immense obstacles, and many argued that the medical system
should provide exceptions for heroes. He was also a recovering alcoholic, which
further complicated the ethical implications of the case. Because of Mantle's
medical problems, doctors estimated that he had only a 60 percent chance for a
three-year survival; whereas, liver transplant patients typically have about a
78 percent chance for a three-year survival rate.

As in the case of the liver transplant for Mickey Mantle, should
the system make exceptions for real heroes? Why or why not?

Write a
1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you analyze the Mickey Mantle case using the
Seven-Step Decision Model.

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Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



HCS 335 Week 5 Emerging Ethical Issues


Your team has been
assigned to give a presentation to your organization's board of ethics. The
team will discuss a current emerging ethical issue that faces your organization
and its social responsibility toward the issue.

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide
Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that discusses the emerging ethical issue.
Include the following:

  • Describe an
    emerging ethical issue, such as in vitro fertilization, surrogate
    motherhood, sterilization, abortion, genetic counseling, euthanasia, or
    medical marijuana.

  • How has the
    issue impacted society and the health care industry?

  • What is the
    team's position on this issue--do you support it? Oppose it? Explain why.

Include at least three sources
in your presentation.

Format your presentation
according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignments File tab to submit your

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