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Suzana and Helena are really two perfect long hair angels.
They are two amazing long hair goddesses, with perfect hair and perfect looks.
They really know what they are doing, and they know what people like to see.

Long, thick, natural, straight and supersilky hair is some of the best hair that exists. Watching a video with a girl or woman who has hair like this is so beautiful, and watching two ladies within the same video who are playing with eachothers hair that are like this, is pure heaven and as magical it can be.
It gives everyone a good feeling inside when you see natural beauty from this, from god, from heaven, on these wonderful, superkind and amazing girls.

Suzana is the model who is in focus in this video, and her hair is as healthy as hair can get.
She is one of the models in RealRapunzels with the thickest and healthiest hair there is.
Her massive mane weights around 1 kg. (over 2 pounds), which is ultra, ultra heavy for classic length!
As mentioned, her hair is classic length and straight. She loves her hair and she is so proud of it, and she loves having Helena playing with her hair, pulling it etc.

Suzana´s hair is not only healthy, thick and long, but it is also very shiny and healthy, and whether her hair is in a bun, braid, ponytail or loose, it always shines and you almost have to wear sunglasses due to the shinyness.
She loves talking about hair as this is her number 1 passion in life, and Helena does too, so in almost all our video with them, you will hear them talking about long hair in so many different ways. They are talking about their hair in this video too of course.

Helena´s hair has grown a lot too, and now they both have classic length hair, so yes, this video is filled with hundreds of centimeters of lovely healthy and thick hair!
The video where the model in focus is Helena, is linked here: 

Helena is brushing Suzana´s hair, lifting it, running her fingers through it, feeling how thick it is, putting it in front of her face, parting it, making waves (shaking), swinging and swaying it, and a lot of other things that you just have to see for yourself in this video!

When she´s brushing Suzana´s hair, we almost feel bad for the poor brush. It looks so small compared to Suzana´s massive mane of super long and ultra thick and heavy hair, and it almost surprised us that the hairbrush didn´t break while having to cope with all that Rapunzel hair.

Suzana is many peoples favorite model, and she will most like be that for all time, as she is one of our absolutely best models, and she always strives for perfection.
We are very happy to work with such a long hair goddess!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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