HST 155 Week 3 Constitution Paper

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 HST 155 Week 3 Constitution Paper

Download the assignment. Then, using the course materials, write a 200-250 word response to each set of questions. You can use outside sources, but those are in addition to those provided. You must use the textbook as one of your sources.

Question 1: Why was the Declaration of Independence written and summarize the main grievances addressed by the colonists.

Question 2:  Explain how Continental Congress tried to create a new government under the Articles of Confederation.  Then explain why the Articles failed.

Question 3:  Explain how the Constitutional Convention created the Constitution to prevent the problems outlined in the Declaration of Independence AND remedy the problems caused by the Articles of Confederation.

Question 4:  Explain how the Great Compromise AND the debate over the Bill of Rights were vital for having an effective government.  Please remember these are two different things.
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