Volume III: Mallets, Meters & Multiple Percussion

Volume III of Series A.I.M. examines percussion instruments and repertoire, metric concepts, and multiple percussion designs present within traditional and contemporary classical music. The first section "Mallets" focuses on the understanding and performance of various mallet instruments from timpani and bass drum, to xylophone, marimba and orchestra bells. Each chapter contains detailed illustrations, descriptions and performance repertoire. Section Two "Meters" examines metric concepts including odd meters, changing meters, metric modulation, rhythmic phasing, polymeters and polyrhythms. The final section "Multiple Percussion", examines percussion set-ups designed by traditional and 20th-century composers with techniques and concepts of percussion notation and performance. This final section on multiple percussion combines all topics presented throughout Series A.I.M., as ideas are presented for designing and performing a multiple percussion set-up. This section will conclude with ideas for combining categories of instruments from different cultures.
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