150x150 HCF Spawn

This is a non-exclusive build. If you purchase this spawn, you are agreeing to the terms of use. This spawn includes a 37x53 PVP arena, a crates area, and a small enchant area. This spawn is intended for HCF, however, it could be modified to suit other purposes. By purchasing this build, you will recieve a world file. The coordinated of the build are 0, 10, 0. (View full Imgur album, which includes proof of ownership here http://imgur.com/a/ev71j )

Terms of use-
- You may not take credit for this build as your own (All credit goes to me, Ichar)
- You may not resell this build as your own
- You may modify this build, but you may not redistribute modified versions, or any portions of this build as your own
- You agree to the terms of use by purchasing this build
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