PDF file that you can download to any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone that can display PDF files. This book is extra long as it is 466 pages. The reason for the 60 extra pages is that this issue contains many of the interviews from the first volume. This book, Volume 5 is now up to starting with the year 1997. This is almost 10 years later from when the interviews were originally published. We had sold back issues with the interviews in them, but those soon ran out. After many requests the decision was made to reprint the interviews, many of them appear in this book. But besides the great interviews (60+pages) the larger part of this book 400 pages of content surrounding the event of the apbt and its most intriguing fanciers from December 1996 to 1999. We have condensed out style of reproducing these magazines and if a kennel had an ad appear repeatedly, we are only running it once or twice as a reprint in the book. With this format we were able to really pack a super bunch with Volume 5. Order yours now as they are going fast. All other books are available for sale including Book of Interviews, Book Of Gamedogs, Volumes 1,2,3,4 and the brand new Volume 5 of the ongoing AGDT Magazine Complete Reprint Series. Index for AGDT Magazine Complete Reprint Series Volume 5 : Nov-Dec 1996 front cover Dog Pounds Champion Kay and Champion Big Ignorant with feature story on both cover dogs. Times Square Vet Tech Flea Report Sociology Part 1 by Don Mayfield (part 2 is in AGDT Volume 4) Subscriber’s Forum many letters in this one from old timers Poem by Bad Bob – Its Very Good!!!! The Story of IJ’s Leona with a great drawing of her by Karen Alvaerez What’s up – come stare down the barrel and see what’s up. Burns with his Stumpy dog at stud with good picture of Burns and his dog March-April 1997 Bebo Goenega with Garibaldi ROM feature story on Bebo – The Cuban Live Wire What’s Up? Sociology Part 3 By Don Mayfield Slingshot Kennels Grand Champion Shotsie –Update The story of Woodrow Hammer Subscriber’s Forum Talking Dogs by Springview Vet Tech – Breeding and breeding problems Seen Through The Eyes of The Millmaker Cool ads by Tant, Hooten, Champion Sal at stud, and Gator Boys ode to Champion Mickey May June 1997 Front Cover Don Mayfield with Mayfield’s Cutit Sociology Part 4 by Don Mayfield Times Square Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. By Bob Fritz of APRL The story of Springview’s Champion Bruno vs. Ragger’s Lil Alvin Subscriber’s Forum Millmaker reports on K/D prescription dogfood Summer Tips by Vet Tech What’s Up? Ads with dogs at stud such as Tants AAA, Ch Mechanic,Ch Huckleberry, July-August 1997 front cover and feature story on Carolina Kennel’s Champion Termite Story about Grand Champion Shep Story On Grand Champion Gabe The story told by Bobby Smith(TX) on The Legend of Bullyson Sociology Part 5 by Don Mayfield Talking More Dogs With Springview Handbill from 1970’s Texas Convention Subscriber’s Forum What’s Up? Free Conditioning vs. Strength Conditioning by The Millmaker Cool ads including early Gambler treadmill ad Sept-Oct 1997 Front cover Pro Sports Ch Jeffery – Banjo-Boudreaux and Clemmons. This issue had lots happening with lots on all stated. Feature story on Ch Jeffery (son of six bits) The Times Square Photos from 1997 Pig Picking for AGDT in Alvin, TX Floyd Boudreaux Interview Vet tech – Vaccines!!!!! What’s Up? Pups by Six Bits and Gr Ch Banjo for sale in this issue Nov-Dec 1997 Front Cover Sprawl’s Chief, Bobby “Bullyson” Hall with Bully and Tristani Champion Game Jane. Feature story of Sprowl’s Chief, one the best to ever look thru a collar Tristani’s Champion Game Jane Interview with Bobby Hall Wise Words from The Millmaker Old Family Rednoses by Trail driver Vet tech – more on vaccines and disease What’s Up? At stud in this issue son of Champion Butkus-Champion tater Tot Jan-Feb 1998 Front Cover Barney Fife dies at 42 and makes the front cover of the AGDT, so does Champion Luther and Gambler’s Champion Virgil. All greats in their time. All still impacting yards as I type. Times Square What’s Up? Interview With Danny Burton The Story of Champion Rommell The Story of Ablizin’s Champion Luther Ozzie Stevens Interview (this is a special insert for volume 5) The story of Cedar Brooks Nutty Buddy Gambler’s Champion Virgil a portrait of an Ace The Story of Champion Barkley More on Red Dogs from Iron Mike Ads with pups out of School Boys Big Red and some from a Carolina Kitten Cottingham cross March April May 1998 front cover Irish jerry with Champion Charlie (Jeep’s brother) and Grand Champion Lupita Times Square Show News!!!!! Interview with Sonny Sykes The Dempsey Keep Lots of Cool Pictures in this one Subscriber’s Forum The Story of Vitamin E Pit dogs Japanese Style What’s Up? Full page Enrique Morfin ad June-July 1998 Front Cover Art In Motion with the Classic Pose from Carver The Times Square What’s Up? The Pat Patrick Interview Bexar Man Charged in Death – Texas Paper with Carver’s murder beef!!! Show News!!! Gamedog Gallery – lots of great snaps of dogs and some original art Salute To Russell Jolley – The man that got Carver in the dogs. After Care by Popeye, Arguably the single best after care article I ever read. Studs offered we Haymakers, SOOOOEvil, Thornton’s Larry, Champion Rommel. Aug-September front Cover Mystery!!!! At The Mexican Border By Bill Anderson Times Square – Ode to Daryl Harris Show News!!! Good original Art What’s Up? The Story of VBK’s Champion Red Subscriber’s Forum October-Nov-December 1998 Front cover Champion Virgil as he astounds the dog world What’s Up? More original artwork of Banjo, Fancy and Champion Jeep Ronnie Duhon Interview Show News Russian Show news from Pitman magazine from Moscow – very interesting January-February 1999 Front Cover AGDT Champion Doc and GM’s Grand Champion Muddy – one of the all time Mexican greats- Muddy!!! The Story of Champion Doc The Story of Grand Champion Muddy Ol Timey Bulldogs by Frank Rocca Show News Notes from The Millmaker Lots of dog pictures in this issue What’s Up? Subscriber’s Forum Lots of great ads The Times Square, What’s Up, Subscriber’s Forum and AAA Gamedog Report (show news) is some of the best reading you will ever find from the 20th century. You will laugh, get mad, and learn the history of the breed. Order yours today.
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