Port Horizon

Port Horizon

72 bpm

Drums, Bass, Vibraphone, Guitar, Trumpet, Trombones, Violins, Other

Welcome to the tropical paradise of Port Horizon. Not much to do here but listen to the short wave radios and play guitar. There is also food and drinks with those little umbrellas... Other than that - not much. Except snorkeling. Snorkeling is pretty cool. Oh, there is also Art Night on Tuesday - where you get a volleyball and some paints and make yourself a friend! Beach chess... I forgot about Beach Chess. Don't play white against Todd, though - he plays all-Hedgehog all the time. Come on, Todd - just once, seriously ONCE could you play King's Indian or... you know what? I'd even take the French Defence; Exchange Variation, you boring symmetrical jerk.

This download includes the following files:

Port Horizon - Bass.wav

Port Horizon - Brass.wav

Port Horizon - Drums.wav

Port Horizon - Guitar.wav

Port Horizon - Music Only.wav

Port Horizon - Noise.wav

Port Horizon - Piano.wav

Port Horizon - Vibes.wav

Port Horizon - Violins.wav

Port Horizon - Vox.wav

Port Horizon.wav

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ISRC: USUAN1700015
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