124 : Miss Iris & Melanie ... Xmas shopping? no, BRAKE FAIL !!

Miss Iris and Miss Melanie are ready to go shopping! They both wear
dresses and high heels, and they are walking firmly to the Panda, not
knowing that they will have to fight in this shopping session, and not
in the shops for the best deals...

They get in the car, turn the ignition and... the Panda won't start!

They start pumping the pedal... at first Iris, then Melanie, hopefully one foot will do the trick!

"Oh cmon!
I can't wait to go shopping!"
Melanie says to the Panda.

"Not again!"
Iris replies.

some failed attempts, the little engine roars to life. They put the
first gear, release the clutch and drive to the city centre!

While they driving, they discover that the Panda brakes don't work at all...The Misses are in real danger!
They both are scared as that road is very busy at Christmas...

Will they safely stop? Will they do an accident?
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