242 : Miss Black Mamba meets the Harley Davidson

Miss Black Mamba, wearing an all leather outfit with leather dress and knee high boots, has an important date! She is going to meet an old time classic, a very special bike…The Harley Davidson!

The bike is in a parking spot and there is no one around, the keys are in and it is saying to Black Mamba “come and ride me”!

So after quickly checking the whole bike, she gets on it and tries to find how to start it! She doesn’t know how does it work, she just know that something is wrong cause she presses the starter button but she hears no sound! After discovering that she has to turn the key to electrify the starter, she tries to start…But the engine runs for a second and then shuts!

She tries again and again but she just hears sputters and nothing else from the exhaust pipe! Why it doesn’t want to start at all? As the engine is refusing to start she con tin trying, but maybe she can start it while standing on the side…

After a lot of attempts she manages to start it, so she immediately starts riding the engine and revving it very hard! She doesn’t want the engine to go to idle cause she is scared that it will stall again!

Sometimes she opens the throttle but the engine doesn’t rev up, but instead it stalls! So she has to start again the starting process of this old beast to hear again those vibrations passing through her!

Will she not get caught?
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