Monica Richards - The Book of Annwyn

Monica Richards' classic illustrated book of Welsh-Celtic tales and poetry.  This book is a fully realized creative work, packed with Monica's poetry, essays, and re-workings of ancient tales, as well as her original illustrations. The Book of Annwyn is based on Welsh Mythology, each tale is rewritten with the Patriarchal and Christian elements removed, allowing the tales to go back to their origins as seasonal oral stories told at certain times of the year. Each section is full of explanation as to the meaning of the Seasonal Deity, with a corresponding Tale retold by Monica. Packed with illustrations and poetry. Over 120 Pages
This new edition of The Book of Annwyn is a 6.6" X 10". For fans of Monica's music: Contains the stories behind the Faith and the Muse album "Annwyn Beneath the Waves" as well the original tale to "Elyria" - Over 120 Pages
The Book of Annwyn - Contents
  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Awyr: The Maiden (The Tale of Branwen)
  3. Daear: The Mother (The Tale of Rhiannon)
  4. Tân: The Destroyer (The Tale of Arianrhod)
  5. Dwr: The Endless Womb (The Tale of the Lady of the Lake)
  6. Some Keys to the Mystery
  7. The Consort (The Tale of Cerne and Gwynn)
  8. Druids, Chieftains, and Bard
  9. The End of the Unity (The Tragedy of Gwen Alarch)
  10. Resurrection As The Muse (The Tale of Elyr)

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