BUS434 Wk 3 dis 1

There are two general types of job evaluation methods: those that investigate the job as a whole and those that investigate the job from a variety of components. Choosing one job evaluation method, examine how that method would be the preferable approach to attain comparable worth throughout the organization, and where it would not be the preferable approach. Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings.

The ranking method in my opinion is the best method to evaluate an organization as a whole, using this method the jobs in each organization will be compared from least important to most important. In my opinion using the ranking method is most important for large corporations, for example Bank of America (BOA). BOA is well known for their banking services, however they offer a lot of services which require a lot of departments such as customer service, collections, credit card, auto loans, and student loans just to name a few
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