MGT 498 Week 4 Learning Team Competitive Advantages Paper

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MGT 498 Week 4 Learning
Team Competitive Advantages Paper


Resources: Virtual Organization, Riordan Manufacturing,
available through the Virtual Organizations Portal in the eCampus Library
(select Riordan Manufacturing from the Business drop-down menu); and all
assigned Learning Team members' W3 Individual Envrionmental Scan Papers.

Select at least two (2) companies, not including Riordan Manufacturing, from the
W3 Individual Environmental Scan Papers submitted by all members of your
assigned Learning Team. 

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper as a
collaborative project, that includes the following:

  1. Relevant
    overviews of Riordan Manufacturing, and the selected companies.

  2. A
    description of the competitive advantages that Riordan Manufacturing has
    in common with the selected companies.

  3. An assertion
    proposing competitive strategies that Riordan Manufacturing could use to
    improve both innovation and sustainability of business operations, in both
    the United States and the global market, including an explanation of why
    the team chose to propose them.

  4. An estimate
    of how your proposed competitive strategies might affect sustainability of
    Riordan Manufacturing's long-term organizational performance.

  5. An
    explanation of how the global market could affect the business strategy of
    Riordan Manufacturing.

Format your paper according to
400-level APA standards (see Writing & Style Guidelines in the eCampus
Center for Writing Excellence for assistance). An abstract is not required, but
the paper must include a Conclusion heading. The word count does not include
the title and reference pages.

Note: Individual points earned
for this assignment will be, in part, based upon individual contribution, as
assessed by instructor.

Click the Assignment Files tab
to submit your Learning Team assignment (see Instructor Policies and Grading
Rubric for additional details).
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