Reflective Seasonal Room

*~**~* Reflective Seasonal Room Mesh *~**~*
This is a spacious room, has a main area for dancing or whatever, and a semi private area both areas
have a reflective floor to make it elegant. Comes with Autumn, Rainy, Snowy and Starry Backgrounds.
Upload them all or just1 or 2! Your choice.
**You get instructions and all files you need to upload your mesh to your catty(be sure to set it to DERIVERABLE

*~*~* Rules *~*~*
1. Not for resale - If you purchase and download this file you are agreeing NOT to resale this mesh without expressed permission from me first.
2. Credit - you must have MandyAnteros or Anteros Creations credited somewhere on your "Ad" or Product page giving credit where it is due.
3. If you are caught selling this file i WILL file a DMCA AGAINST YOU!

*~**~* Information *~**~*
If you are a VIP member of mine, please do NOT purchase this file until you contact me first. The price listed here does NOT reflect your VIP pricing so you need to contact me first :)

Thank you! Mandy
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