CIS355A Week5

Program files for each of the following programs.

1.    Manage client information

2.    Draw a snowman

At the beginning of all your programs, put a comment box that includes the program name, your name, and a brief description of the program.

Program Name: 
Programmer's Name: Student Name 
Program Description: Describe here what this program will do 

How to submit your assignment:

1.    The programs must have the same names as the assignment title.

2.    Each Java source file (*.java) must include a corresponding class file (*.class) program as evidence of success.

3.    In addition to the program source code files and byte code files, you will document your analysis/design and testing (including screen shots) in a Lab Report.

4.    You must use a zipped folder to send your weekly assignment to the Dropbox. Do not send subfolders within your zipped folder. Place all of the .java and .class files and your lab report for the week into the one zipped folder. The zip folder should be named CIS355A_YourLastName_iLab_Week5, and this zip folder will contain all the weekly programming assignments.

STEP 1: Writing out Client Information
1)      Create the following GUI, so that when your program is running, your user can input information regarding a client and hit the save button to save the information out to a file.


Filename:  User enters a filename here (such as client.txt) which is the file to read and write.  An error message should display when Display or Save is clicked if there is no filename entered.

Save button: 

·         If no filename is entered, display error message.

·         If any data is blank, display an error message. 

·         If all input is valid, data from the GUI (name, id, start balance, close balance) is saved to the file entered in Filename.  Each new client's information should appendto the information already saved onto the file.  The data must be saved with a delimiter character of your choice between the fields (such as "|" or "#" ) so that the data in the file looks like the following example:

Charles Smith|100235|5700.75|1200.00

James Peterson|320056|349.56|4005.56

·         The data fields (name, id, start, close) should be cleared to make the next input easier.

·         Remember to close the file

Display button: 

·         Read the data in the file specified by filename (if none specified, give error message) and display a report in the CONSOLE formatted as shown below

·         You will need to use StringTokenizer to "separate" the fields based on the delimiter character in the file.

·         Remember to close the file



STEP 2: Snowman!
Use the many draw methods provided to you by Java and draw a Snowman—be as creative or as basic as you would like, as long as the final result resembles a snowman. It doesn't have to necessarily look exactly like this, but this is the minimum you should achieve with your drawing.


1) You must have at least three circles in your project.

2) You must have at least a line, a polygon, an oval, or a rectangle.

3) In addition to your snowman, you should also use drawString to draw some text.

4) Use draw or fill and the color class as you see fit.

Hint: frame.getContentPane().setBackground(; //This is the code you need to set the frame's background color.

Have Fun!


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