Lazy Base

This base comes with way more than what is shown above, so enjoy!

Please don't be a huge bag of dicks by trying to find loopholes in my rules, yes, people have done this JUST so they could do whatever they wanted, and that's just not fair. If you can't follow the rules just save us both the time and DON'T buy it.

- Please let me know if you've bought the base! A simple comment is all I ask, I wouldn't mind keeping track of who has bought it.
- Under no circumstances are you allowed to post the base by itself unedited and available to the public, this includes .sai or .psd files as well! I don't care what your reason is, you may NOT post such files that contain access to the base.
- You may not distribute, sell, or trace this base.
- NO COMMISSIONS, it's not exactly fair to gain profit off art you didn't actually create, that's just silly.
- Customs, personal, and adoptables are all acceptable uses of the base!
- You MAY collaborate but please if your partner hasn't bought the base do the lining, it's only fair.
- You can alter the base as you see fit, but you still can't sell it for yourself no matter how many changes you make.
- Credit me no matter what! WITH A LINK!
- Yes you can use this for adoptables/personal use off site, just remember to credit me still.

There will be NO refunds, once bought you have access to the files and it's not fair to request one when you can't 'give them back'. Please respect that.
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