211 : Miss Iris Fast and Furious drive reverse

It's a typical hot summer day. Miss Iris, wearing a white top, shorts and white heels, is running towards the Renault 5

What is her plan? Why she is so happy?

 She gets in the car and fire up the engine straight away, everything seems normal, till...

She decides to have the longest and fastest reverse drive ever !!

She puts the reverse gear and bring you on a long and exciting trip! She drives really fast in reverse, at the maximum speed possible in that gear, gets to the main road and then she presses hard on the gas to achieve the max speed again!

She’s the Queen of drive in reverse, and the whole road is free... So what is a better place than this to show you her skills?

In this video you see a lot of amazingly fast reverse driving from different point of views, even from outside and the back seat!
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