cis105 module 11

Secondary storage is nonvolatile.
Writing is the process of saving information to secondary storage devices.
Reading is the process of accessing information from secondary storage devices such as:
Hard disk - Internal hard disk, hard-disk cartridges and hard-disk packs
Optical disks - CD, DVD, and DataPlay are types of optical disks
Specialized storage devices - solid-state storage, Internet hard drive, magnetic tape, microfilm and microfiche.
Hard Disks
You are likely aware that the computers you use have a hard disk drive in them. These drives do not have one circular piece of plastic like old floppy disks had. They are made up of a series of disks or cylinders.

A typical desktop machine will have a hard disk with a capacity of between 100 gigabytes up to 1 terabyte .

There are two ways to measure the performance of a hard disk:
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