Archon A.I Eraser MP3

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Archon Artificial Intelligence Eraser

Inaudible Spoken Messages Just Listen

Archon Cyborgs Have Used Blank State Technology On Humans
For Thousands Of Years By Wiping Clean The Ancient Cellular Memory So That No History Of Who And What They Are Or The Origin This Video Reverses The Blank State Technology Used Against Humans.

This Video Deletes The Cellular Memory In All Time Matrices Of
Archon A.I Cyborg Machine Influence Ancient Collective And Individual Memories Of A.I Via Source Code Scanning- Dna Hijacking Hard Drive Server Hosting

Listening Instructions:
Adults 1x Day Or Night
Children 1x Per Week
No Exceptions Please Abide By The Listening Requirements

Use With Or Without Headphones
Does Not Contain Binaural Or Isochronic Tones
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