374 : 2018 Harley Davidson Nightmare - part 1 Starring Miss Iris

Iris is in financial trouble. She has spend all her savings on repair bills … There is no money left in her account!
Since her financial situation has now become rather desperate she decided to take on a part time job (in order to keep the Harley going).
However, her work contract is very strict on punctuality. She has already a couple of warnings due to late arrivals in the morning… (always bike issues obviously), one more and she is out!!!

She now relies totally on her Harley to get her around… and every morning she struggles to get the bike started.

As always, today also Iris is late for work. She leaves her flat being ready for work.   Today Iris faces one little problem, because she is running late and having already received 2 warnings from her boss, the bike has to start without a glitch. Iris is already extremely nervous because so much depends on the Harley in fact her business future.

She puts gloves and helmet on and gets straight onto the Harley, in order to leave as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for Iris, the Harley has other plans with her ...... This morning, it seems to take even longer than normal to get going !!
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