Kat's Blonde to Brunette Haircoloring at Carmen's - VOD Digital Video on Demand

A blonde haired Kat visits Carmen's new beauty salon for a brunette haircoloring. After taking a seat in the salon chair, Carmen covers Kat with a purple nylon cape, and begins sectioning her fine hair. Because Kat's hair has been bleached so often in the past, the first hair color application is going to be a filler, so that the brunette hair dye will take better and the color will be uniform. Carmen wraps a plastic neck strip around Kat's neck to prevent any dye from seeping further down than intended. For further protection, Carmen secures a towel over Kat's shouldars as well, and smears cold cream around Kat's hairline to guard against staining. Carmen starts by applying a protein, which is a clear liquid on Kat's hair. Afterwards, Carmen applies a chocolate color filler around Kat's temples. Kat sighs, as she never thought that she would be going back to brunette. She is coloring her hair because of her boyfriend's request to see her brunette. The filler needs about 20 minutes to process. During that time, Kat shows off her hair, and then talks to Carmen, and her boyfriend. Next, Carmen applies the dark brunette haircolor to Kat's hair with a tint brush. That also needs about 35 to process. Afterwards, Kat kneels in front of the shampoo bowl for a forward wash, as the water has been shut off in the salon, due to a leaking water heater. A couple buckets water were bought in for the shampoo and rinse. To make things easier for Carmen, the cape was removed from Kat. After a brief towel drying, Carmen covers Kat with a pin-striped nylon barber chair, and then covers her hair with a leave-in conditioner. Kat takes a seat back into the salon chair, and her hair color is discussed as the color didn't evenly spread as it should have. Kat's hair is combed out with a wide-tooth comb, and then double-braided. While Carmen is double-braiding Kat's hair, Kat puts on makeup. Once Kat's makeover is finished, Kat poses in the salon chair. This video is approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes, 1.51 GB, 720 x 480, .wmv
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