Livestream Overlay | Overwatch V1 /Light

This is a really elegant, complete overlay pack for any channel. Designed specifically for Overwatch and requires NO PHOTOSHOP at all to get up and running in your favorite streaming software.

Do I need special software to edit this?

No, no editable files are needed or included. Everything is prepackaged and a full set of text overlay templates will help you source, size and place all your text.

What is included in the download?

These elements are included:

Overlay - Header (x2) (.png)
Overlay - Header Icon (.png)
Overlay - Cambox/Facecam (x3) (.png)
Overlay - Bonus Corner Tag (.png)
Overlay - Bonus Shoutout (.png)
Overlay - Notice Panel Gold (.png)
Overlay - Notice Panel White (x3) (.png)
Overlay - Text Size/Placement Template (.jpg) (.png)

Begin/End Stream - Background x4 Options (.png)
Begin/End Stream - Text Size/Placement Template (.jpg)

Intermission - Background x4 Options (.png)
Intermission - Text Size/Placement Template (.jpg)


Are the font or images included?

The fonts used are free and you can find download links in your help_file.txt

If I need help can I contact you?

For most questions just ask, I like to offer fair support to all my customers. You can also reach out to us on Twitter @EmpireGamesCA or visit us online at

Stream Overlay | Overwatch V1 /Complete

If you like this overlay and want a more detailed version with loads more features and completely editable source files check out the complete version here -
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