Mega Mind  Shield

Mega Mind Shield

This Radionic a plate combines my own research with virtual reality and integrates it with research of the world-renowned neuroscientist DR. ARMAND R. TANGUAY.  The technology integrates an algorithm that identifies the brain activity and is triggered by any anomalies to normal brainwave activity.

 The Radionics frequencies render and neutralize the cybernetic implants and parasitic inter-dimensional beings. The mine shield helmet takes them off-line allows the user complete control over all mental faculties.

The Mind-Shield is a powerful psionic tool, rendering use completely immune to any negative mental conditions including panic, mind control, stuns, and disorientation.

Combining my modern science with ancient metaphysical technologies a mind shield helmet is a must-have tool for any practicing metaphysical worker.

Read a white paper about this technology online
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