Iain Mcleod Surgical 2016 (4K)

Warning: HD is the recomended download. Our HD is excellent quality. Footage was shot on the Red Epic Dragon at 6K down to 2K, on the Epic from 5K to 4K and on the Flex 4k at 4K. All the footage looks spectacular in HD. There are no refunds just because your hardware won't play a 4K file. If you don't have a faily new and fast computer the file will skip and not play smoothly. 1080 recomended! It's also $5.

Iain Mcleod 2016 Surgical section has been in the works  for nearly 2 years. 
We wanted to bring something special to the sport we love.


A Chosen Few Production In association  TLCinema
Directed By: Quinn Feldman 
Produced By: Quinn Feldman, Iain Mcleod, Tyler Lee Cushing, 
Camera Operators: Quinn Feldman & Tyler Lee Cushing
Edited By: Quinn Feldman & Sergio Torres  
Movi Technician: Nick Hemphill 
Phantom Technician: Quinn Feldman  
Assistant Cameras: Michael McClure, Ryan Richards, Austin Eguia 


Cameras: Red Epic Dragon, Red Epic, Phantom Flex 4K 
Lenses: Cooke Mini S4s, Zeiss ZE/ZF, Panavision Vintage Primes, Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm, Angineux Optimo 24-290mm Zooms.  Macro Ollo, Zeiss Macro 100mm, 
Camera Support: Movi M15, EasyRig, Camblock Motion Control Dolly.  
Lighting:  Arri 1k (ST1), Kino Flo 4 Bank.  Shot in Southern California.