Void's Editing Pack

This is my editing pack that helps you improve your edit in multiple ways, it contains 5 Color Corrections15 Cinematics2 Project Files, Gunshots both edited and unedited, my most used overlays and presets, including the way I do my pancrop and shake for my cinematics.


  • 5 Color Corrections.

  • 15 Cinematics.

  • 2 Project Files.

  • Gunsounds [Edited and Unedited]

  • 12 presets.

All of the presets should work on After Effects CC 2014, you will need certain 3rd party plugins that I won't be providing. If you buy this pack, you accept to only use this for personal use and once purchased, you agree not to distribute any file(s) to anyone else. 


Any further questions you can dm me on Twitter. 
- @vfxvoid
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