MGT 300 Week 5 DQ 1

After viewing the 11 minute video on engagement and motivation by Daniel Pink:

1.     Please discuss your overall impression and what it made you think about. 

2.     As an entrepreneur what does this mean for you?

3.     What would you do differently for your employees that would support Pink’s approach?

4.     How do your personal experiences AND the readings support, or not support, the demonstrated ideas and approaches in the video?   

     After watching the video, I felt a kind of sense of relief. Relief in knowing that not all business owners think alike. Some companies believe in their employees and show appreciation for the work they do. Most employees just want to feel appreciated by their company. In my personal life, with the recent incident at work, I definitely would have felt more appreciated had I been listened to and shown appreciation of my sacrifices I made to be there for the company on such short-term notice. All I wanted was more appreciation and recognition.

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