Sudoku-5: Game CSCI 4526 / 6626

1 Goals
 To create a simple text-based interface for Sudoku Helper
 To provide an interactive way to test Board and the other classes.
2 The Game Class
Instantiate this controller class from main.
 At this time, there is only one data member, a Board. Later we will add Stacks for undo and redo and streams for save and restore.
 The Game constructor should call the Board constructor.
 De ne a run() function for Game. In this function, write a menu-loop that will ask the user what to do next. End the menu loop when the user selects Quit or when the puzzle is completely solved (isDone()).
2.1 The Menu
We will implement two menu entries this week, more later. Use the menu_c() function in tools to implement the menu. To use this function, you must supply a title, the number of menu choices, an array of const char* for the options, and a const char* c-string that lists the rst letter of each legal choice. This string will be used by menu_c to validate user selections. The menu should display
these options:
 Move: Input row, column, and value, then call Board::move().
 Save game
 Restore game
 Quit and discard game: End and print a message.
3 Changes to the Board Class Board needs to provide a way for Game to nd out when the puzzle is solved.
 Add an integer counter to count the number of squares that have non-dash values. Initially 0, this counter will be incremented in the Board constructor and in Board::move() whenever a value is stored in a square.
 Add an isDone() function that will return true when all 81 squares have values, false otherwise.
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