GEO 131 Climate Change

Runoff goes from grey to green. Low impact development

-Reduce impervious surface – Impervious: water flowing down on

-Reduce water flow rate

Storm water management ponds: Newmarket has them near armitage. Instead of rainfall flowing into sewage systems and creeks, it flows into a SWMP so sediments sink, and normal water rises: cleans it.

Human made wetlands; cleans and filters water, acts as a sponge. Absorbs water and slowly releases it. Within it, bacteria and other organisms act as decomposers - filters and traps.

Ditches act as bioswales: biological or human made system that helps trap water. Ditches would grow into vegetation and help transport water.

More sustainable water cycle theories:

Condensation – precipitation – runs off slope (community higher up) – Wetlands capture it – Then moves it to streams – evaporates from streams – repeats
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