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ISCOM 424 Week 1 Supply Chain Visual Representation
Supply Chain professionals need to research various elements of a business in order to comprehend the impact of effective and ineffective supply chain elements, goals, and objectives of a particular organization. Supply Chain professionals cannot successfully execute their duties without this comprehensive overview.

Identify a company that you are either familiar with or would like to become more familiar. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that defines the supply chain elements of the organization using visualization and graphics to support your assessment.

Research the following aspects of your selected company:

Products and services
Create a visual representation (graph, chart, or diagram) that illustrates the company's supply chain. The visual representation should provide an overview and a strong understanding of supply chain operations and the flow of these operations within the company. You will need to include the following items:

Functions and operations
Customer and supplier relationship
External divisions and their purpose
The upstream and downstream flow of information, physical materials/services and money
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ISCOM 424 Week 2 Supply Chain Complexities
The team will select the same company that was used during the Week 1 Individual Assignment and write a 1,050-word paper which discusses the following: 

Information about how the organization delivers its value proposition and goals to customers
The team's predictions about how management's decisions may affect supply chain operations and how the decisions should be regulated
A summary of the overall supply chain with findings
A description of two to three areas where the supply chain is successfully functioning
An analysis on sources of complexity in the supply chain that addresses the following topics:
Bull whip effect
Lost revenue
Other areas of weakness you can detect
Recommendations for best practices for the company's supplier
Relationship management and procurement practices
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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ISCOM 424 Week 2 Statement of Professional Ethics
Supply Chain Professionals must possess strict ethical character in today's global market.  Developing relationships with suppliers and customers in a global environment requires a strong understanding of culture, expectations, and what win-win relationships mean in building relationships.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper critiquing your interpersonal skills when developing business relationships in a global environment. Identify the following:

Three key strengths that will lead to positive results in developing supplier relationships. 
Three areas of improvement that you can make to allow you to work with global suppliers, and how you can implement those improvements.
Describe how your interpersonal skills can support your company's supplier relationship objectives.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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ISCOM 424 Week 3 Supply Chain Skills Assessment
In order to meet today's supply chain challenges, training employees is vital to an organization. Your team has been given the responsibility to develop and implement a supply chain skills assessment and training plan.

Select a company used in Week 1 individual assignment and identify three key supply chain positions that you want to use in the skills assessment. Examples include: Supplier Order Management, Customer Order Management, and Operational Support.

Write a 1,050-word paper, and include the following:  

Identify a key task within each of the three positions.
Determine how your team will assess employee competence within each task.
Determine a competency scale for each task.
Develop a training plan for each task based on the competence scale.
Include a supporting introduction on how your team developed the assessment and training plan.
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ISCOM 424 Week 3 Voice of the Customer
With a focus on meeting customer requirements, the voice of the customer is an essential tool in driving organizational performance. As a Supply Chain professional, you have an obligation to be aligned with the customers you support, both internally and externally. You must become familiar with the value the customer expects from your organization.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary in which you discuss how the "voice of the customer" is applied in your company. Your summary will need to include the answers to the following questions:

How do you impact the results of your customers' expectations based on your actions?
How do you manage internal versus external customer satisfaction?
What are some areas of improvement that you can initiate to improve customer satisfaction?
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ISCOM 424 Week 4 Globalization Strategies
Your team is responsible for assessing the feasibility of expanding operations into a global market.

Select a company that currently does not have global presence in Asia Pacific or Europe. You will need to determine which region you want to consider for this expansion and select a specific country within the selected region.

Prepare a 15- to 20-slide presentation with speaker notes that addresses the following:

Benefits of expanding operations into the new market
Supply Chain challenges of establishing a new global market including the following:
Infrastructure Concerns
Include supporting graphics to further address the team's considerations.
Include recommendations regarding supply chain professional staffing requirements.
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ISCOM 424 Week 4 Supply Chain Efficiency
Supply Chains may be efficient but not always effective.  Why is it important to create a balance of efficiency and effectiveness in the supply chain?

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that does the following:

Identifies two areas within your supply chain that are efficient but not effective.
Explains changes that can be implemented to maintain efficiency and improve effectiveness.
Format your paper consistent with APA Guidelines.

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ISCOM 424 Week 5 Supply Chain Metrics
Your team has been charged with identifying a set of KPI's that will drive improvements throughout your supply chain.

Create a 15- to 20-slide presentation with speaker notes that addresses the following:

Explain the method(s) used to determine which metrics are the most important. 
Provide justification for using these specific metrics
Align the metrics into the following four categories: Quality, People, Cost, Volume (include ordering and delivery)
Describe how your team will implement metrics and use the data that will be collected to drive the improvements.

Specify the following:

Frequency of data collection
Communication method used to present data
Escalation of supply chain issues based on data
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ISCOM 424 Week 5 Supplier Performance Improvement Plan
Identify a current supply chain problem within your company. Using your academic and professional experience develop a supply improvement proposal that addresses the following: 

Draft a clearly defined problem statement.
Define the impact of the problem on the organization.
Identify the stakeholders that are impacted and the severity and frequency of the negative impact.
Draft recommendations to eliminate/reduce the occurrence of the negative impact.
Clearly define how a proposed change will be communicated and implemented.
Write a 1,050- to1,400-word improvement plan. This proposal should be written as a summary presentation that can be delivered to your company's decision-makers.

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