Spiritual Enlightenment 6 Week Self-Coaching Course for Enhanced Intuition and Manifestation!

Spiritual Enlightenment 6 Week Self-Coaching Course for Enhanced Intuition and Manifestation!

By its very nature, the Law of Attraction connects you with higher, spiritual planes of existence. When you start practicing these techniques, you begin to see beyond the ordinary world of physical senses. This assists in establishing a deep connection with your Higher Self so that a new, brighter world opens up to you that is brimming with immense possibility!

This course will walk you step-by-step through six weeks of self-coaching. Throughout the 6 week process, you will establish an unbreakable connection with the Higher, Intuitive part of you that can handle any situation in your life and enhance your manifestation! This is a powerfully transforming course that will support you in connecting with who you truly are through the levels of mind, body and spirit. It will assist you in reaching enlightenment in all aspects of your life and amplify your creative power to manifest the existence you dream about!

The Course includes:
*Step-by-Step Guidance to Connect with Your Higher Self for  
success in all areas of life.
*An Understanding of Natural Laws and How Use Them to Your Advantage
*An In-Depth Description of Your THREE Minds and Their Importance in  
Manifesting What You Desire
*Deep Meditation Techniques
*Visualization Techniques
*Daily Affirmations 
*How to Master and Remove Negative Thoughts & Circumstances
*New Ways to Establish Positive Thoughts & Circumstances 
*How to Get Self Direction from Your Higher Self 
*BONUS EXERCISE - My Favorite Subliminal Visualization Technique
 *122 pages of exercises, techniques and information

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