Victoria Rolls It All Away (VIDEO)

Victoria is one of Claire's friends. After seeing how great Claire looked bald, she decided she wanted to take the plunge as well, and we were more than happy to oblige. Claire also makes a return for this video. Claire wanted to do the honors for her friend and we were more than happy to let her take her friend to bald and beautiful! For Victoria's video, we decided to do something different. We came up with a game called The Dice Game. The rules work like this. The model rolls a 6 sided dice. Each number correlates with an inch of hair that will be cut of. 1 equals 1 inch, 2 equals 2 inches etc. Here are a few stipulations. If a model rolls 6's back to back, after the 2nd six they get the clippers right down the middle. Also if they roll any other number back to back, they get bangs cut for the second number. The stakes are high for this game and the tension is thick! Going back to Victoria, you may remember us mentioning how nervous Claire had been about shaving her head, well Victoria makes Claire look zen like in comparison. Victoria was very nervous the day of the shoot, to the point she considered backing out, but she overcame her fears and nervously made her way to a bald, browless beauty! She ultimately loved the final result and we're sure you will too! We're sure you'll love to watch Victoria play this game!! Running time 1hr, 20 min.