Scream - Project Files


  • Project Files AE (CC/VFX) + SV (SFX)

  • Transitions Presets (Twitch)

  • Sound Pack Used

  • 3D CT Animation

  • Movie Config (With Steam/Hlae Launch Options)

  • All Demos

  • Private Tutorials:

  • How to use my cfg & record

  • How do I fake frags

  • How to add fire & more in maps

I made the whole edit in AE and just the SFX in SV (13) so everything is there except for the actual footage (You can download the clips in the video description and replace them in AE, ez pz), with my AE+SV projects files you can take a look in my velocity/PanCrop/CC/transitions/fog/dof settings and sound effects, along with some private tutorials that I made especially for you!
For some things you might need to have the plugins I used.

  • Plug-ins used:

  • MagicBulletLooks

  • Twixtor

  • Twitch

  • Optical Flare

  • Omino

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