PNR 208 Community Resources Project Template

Community Resources Projects

This assignment supports the following objective(s):

  • Identify community resources appropriate to meet the health needs of selected individuals in a community based setting.

  • Address health needs of vulnerable populations, various cultures, and across development stages, and diverse health care environments.


  • Complete Community Research Project Template:

Include the proper file naming convention: PNR208_community_project_jsmith_mmddyyyy

Assignment details:
Select two diverse populations of people who live in your community. To do this, conduct a windshield survey in your community. A WINDSHIELD survey explained: imagine you are looking out of a window of your car (or a bus, or riding your bike) and you are identifying different populations in YOUR COMMUNITY (not the US). Having identified two of these populations, then conduct research on these two populations; both on the Internet and by calling or visiting your local health department. Summarize your findings for each the different categories on the Community Resource Project Template.

Perform the following tasks:

1.       Describe each population in detail using template provided.

2.       Identify health risks and needs of each population.

3.       Identify resources that are available and those needed but not available.

4.       Describe interventions that could be used (primary, secondary, tertiary) that could fill gaps in

1.       resources.

5.       Compare and contrast the health risks and needs of the populations.
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