❅ HCF Map 5k x 5k | Link ❅

❅ More Screenshots:      https://imgur.com/a/9lxL5

❅ Flat Area at 0,0 for 200 Blocks 

❅ Flat Area for Roads 40+ Blocks Wide

❅ Desert's/Mesa's/Taiga's Every Quad 

❅ Many Rivers and Occasional Stone Hills 

❅ Ore Spikes | Coal - Iron - Gold 

❅ Increased Ores  

❅ After buying you will receive a .txt with the download link of the map

❅ If you have any problems be sure to hit me up on Skype (Cross.fake.bloody.165)

*Note, this build is not exclusive*

❅ By buying this product you agree not to:

- Resell or redistribute the build in any way
- Claim it as built by you
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