Bus 370 wk 3 dis 2

I have made changes in both personal and professional arenas and will probably continue to do so until I can’t make any more changes in my life. There are changes that we often make which, may be wrapped around a New Year’s resolution however, being committed to those resolutions and or changes, in my opinion, should always be to better oneself and not to make changes in reverse and do not necessarily have to be at New Year's. As we live and learn, making changes is important in bettering ourselves.

Retiring out of the Navy three years ago, I was working as a sales rep and wasn’t really happy but it was a pay check at the time. After being laid off, I went back to school (Ashford) in wanting to finish my degree. Going back to school was important to me and a change that I desired to better myself. I was 49 years old when I started and hadn’t been to any college academia ever. I had to change the way I put critical thinking to task. It was difficult at first but knew there were others that had gone before me and making the mindset change was the easy part and quitting was not an option. Sticking with it and maintaining the change was a little more tasking due to being on a limited budget and not working. 
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