TBC Fire - Mage WRobot Fightclass - By Ordush - V2.0.0

TBC Fire - Mage WRobot Fightclass - By Ordush - V2.0.0

This is my paid version of the TBC Mage Fire Wrobot Rotation
It is highly advanced, and has an in-game interface, where you can control almost every aspect of the rotation.

For support and suggestions please use: https://discord.gg/9jvgqgS

It's party and raid friendly. (tested in kara)
It can be used for leveling, but it is not recommended.

It has very high AoE Damage due to the smart use of Flamestrike

It is based around the mana friendly, but still high dps spec:

The Paid version comes with some unique features like the in-game interface, /commands and more.

This fightclass will save your settings between sessions, so if you set something example: Turn off Fire Blast Then next time you log on it will have saved that setting!

Does not break Polymorph, and doesn't break drinking (Unless your mana is full)

Optimized rotation for best dps
Using these abilities can be turned off in the interface
Single Target Abilities
- Shoot Wand <- Will use wand if you are low on mana
- Scorch <- Will use Scorch till you have 5 stacks (will refresh before it runs out)
- Fireball <- Will use fireball if target has 5 scorch
- Fire Blast <- Will use Fire Blast if either target has less then 1000 hp or if target has less then 20% hp (Molten Fury)
AoE Abilities
- Deagon's Breath <- Will use if 3 or more targets in front of you
- Blast Wave <- Will use if 3 or more targets around you
- Flamestrike (Rank 6) <- Will first apply rank 6 then rank 7 for 2x aura damage
- Flamestrike (Rank 7) <- Will first apply rank 6 then rank 7 for 2x aura damage
Armor Abilities
- Molten Armor <- Will use if high mana (out of combat as well)
- Mage Armor <- Will use if you are very low on mana and have no mana regen abilities.

Mana Regeneration Abilities
- Conjure Water (Rank 9) <- If you have the skill it will make sure you have water
- Drink Water (Conjured) <- It will drink water when out of combat (this will not be interupted, unless full mana).
- Conjure Mana Emerald <- Will always make sure you have mana emeralds
- Use Mana Emerald <- Will use Mana Emerald if you are missing more mana than it gives.
- Evocation <- Smart Evocation will use when mana is needed and only in combat.
Cooldown Abilities
- Combustion <- Will use combustion if target has Molten Fury and 5x Scorch stacks
- Auto Buffing <- Smart auto buffing Will check party and do Arcane Intellect or Brilliance based on what is smartest. It will only do Brilliance if you have 5 or more mats for it in bag. (It will not auto buff group in raids, i can make it do that too if requested).
- Buff Yourself
- Buff Group
- Buff Focus

- Remove Curse <- Will remove curse on you, group and focus
Racial Abilities
- Berserking <- Will only be able to use if you are a Troll, Has 3 modes Cooldown, Elite & Boss
- Arcane Torrent <- Will only be able to use if you are a Blood Elf. Will only use if you are below 25% mana or have many enemies around you.
Item Abilities
- Trinket 1 - <- Will use your first trinket if it has a use ability, Has 3 modes Cooldown, Elite & Boss
- Trinket 2 - <- Will use your second trinket if it has a use ability, Has 3 modes Cooldown, Elite & Boss
Leveling Abilities
Coming Soon

/statusframe <- shows/Hides the in-game interface
/rotatoggle <- Toggles rota pause on/off.

These commands can be bound in-game by making a macro and adding to an action bar.

Coming Soon
- Leveling Abilities

- Release
2.0.0 - Rewrite of all the code
- All of my code has been rewritten in C#
- It now saves all your settings between sessions. example: Turn off Fire Blast. Then next time you log on it will have saved that setting!
- When you pause the rotation in-game WRobot itself will pause; The bot doesn't try to auto-shoot anymore!
- The bot will not attack CC'ed mobs.
- The bot no longer interupts drinking uless you have full mana.
- More tight rotation, meaning higher dps and faster use of cooldowns.
- Much more has been tightened up.
- A lot of small fixes that did not affect the gameplay.
- The responsiveness of the in-game UI is now fluent (no longer any delay when you change spells)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Here you will find the answers to most of your questions.
If your issue is not in this list, feel free to seek help in the support channel that fits the fightclass you're using.

[Q] = Questions
[A] = Answer

[Q]: The xml file is only containing 1 line of code, is this a scam?
[A]: No, this is not a scam. All my fightclasses are encrypted, WRobot reads the encryption key then it loads all my code.

[Q]: WRobot crashes every so often with your fightclass fix?
[A]: This is because you have turned logging on. In WRobot click 'Log' then turn off 'Fight'.

[Q]: I have loaded the file, but nothing happens in-game (no interface).?
[A]: This can be because of a few reasons:
1) Your game client is not English.
2) Your WRobot is only trial version If it's not any of these two then get help in the support.
3) You have the settings stored from a pre v2.0.0, they are messing with the new version. Go to wrobot/settings folder and delete anything with "Ordush" in the name.
4) Your WRobot setup, has a setting set to something that breaks the fightclass. Try making a new WRobot install, in a new folder.

[Q]: All other fightclasses works fine, why doesn't your?
[A]: Most other fightclasses are not nearly as advanced as mine is. My fightclasses utilizes a lot more functions from WRobot. This means more can go worng with your install.
Making a fresh install of WRobot is the safest bet to make sure nothing is wrongly set up.
In-game Interface

In-game interface

Always feel free to send me suggestions or bug reports via PM on WRobot Forum
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