Programming Assignment

Complete Case Programming Assignment #3 at the end of Chapter 4, page 283.
Be sure to create an event planning document for each event in the program prior to writing code.
Write the code that will execute the program requirements.
Use the Use case definition on page 282, Fig 4-103.
Design a Windows application and write the code that will execute according to the program requirements in Figure 4-104 and the Use Case definition in Fig 4-105.Before writing the code, create an event planning document for each event in the program. The completed program is shown in Figure 4-106.
Date submitted: May 11, 2014
Application title: Weekly Pay Calculator
Purpose:  The Weekly Pay Calculator Windows application computes the weekly
  pay for an hourly employee.
Program From a window on the screen, a payroll clerk enters the total minutes an
 employee worked in a week and the hourly pay rate. The program displays the weekly pay for the employee.
Algorithms,  1. The payroll clerk must be able to enter the total minutes worked during the week and the hourly pay rate.
  2. The company name (Western Distribution) and the picture (Payroll found at will be displayed throughout the entire process.
 3. After entering the total minutes worked and hourly pay rate, the payroll clerk clicks the weekly pay button.
  4. The weekly pay is displayed in currency format together with the number of hours and minutes worked.
Notes and  1. The user can clear the total minutes worked, the hourly pay rate, the hours and minutes worked, and the weekly pay by clicking a clear button. He then can enter another employee’s data.
  2. An exit button should close the application.
  3. In this application, if hours worked is greater than 40, the hourly pay   rate still applies.
1. The Windows Application opens.
2. The payroll clerk enters the total minutes worked by an employee and the employee’s hourly pay rate.
3. The payroll clerk clicks the Weekly Pay button.
4. The program displays the hours worked, the minutes worked, and the employee’s weekly pay.
5. The payroll clerk can click the Clear button and then repeat steps 2 through 4.
6. The user terminates the program by clicking the Exit button.
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