CraftBian FULL Image for Raspberry Pi 2/3

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CraftBian is a web interface that runs locally on your Raspberry Pi. It lets you administrate everything you need to run and maintain a Minecraft Server directly in the web interface, so you dont have to worry about Linux terminal commands or anything like that. CraftBian lets you create and edit several Minecraft Servers on one Raspberry Pi, being everything from server properties, worlds and operators to backup and even port forwarding. It supports Normal Minecraft Servers, Modded Servers (Forge) and Spigot/Bukkit servers.

Very easy to use

CraftBian is very easy to use. If you just want to start a server very fast without any hassle - no problem.. Plug in the CraftBian SD card and turn your Raspberry Pi on. Thats it! The first time CraftBian is started up it will automatically create a server from the newest Minecraft Server from Mojang*, configure it for you and start it up. You dont need to access CraftBians web interface. You dont even need to add the server to your clients on the same LAN as this is also done automatically. It really cant get any simpler.

* - If changes, there is to be expected some downtime for the automatic download feature however you will ofcourse still be able to add a server manually

Plug in the Raspberry Pi and you are done!

Automated Backup

CraftBian comes with a completely automated backup system, that you can configure to automatically take backups of your worlds from every hour, to once a day or once a month. You can even make the system store said backups on a external device, like a harddrive or usb thumb drive. CraftBian also lets you monitor the running Minecraft Servers output and lets you send input to the server instance directly from the web interface it self. 

Want your server to be available from the internet?

Flick a switch inside the CraftBian webinterface and its done. People can now access your Minecraft Server from the internet.

Feature list

  • Create / maintain / edit Minecraft Servers

  • Create / manage Worlds on servers

  • Manage Operators

  • Supports normal Minecraft Servers, Forge Servers, Spigot/Bukkit Servers

  • Automatically backup worlds/servers at a customizable time.

  • Shows server output directly on interface

  • Send server input directly from interface

  • Web interface updating

  • .. and much more

Whats included

By purchasing this you will get a CraftBian image, that fits a 2GB sd card. I will also provide you with the support you need to get it running and future updates. Furthermore if you encounter any problems i will do what i can to help you as soon as possible. Included in the newest version of CraftBian is the following

  • MiniBian distro from 12-03-2016

  • Newest CraftBian web interface which is optmized for both computer and mobile use (app coming soon)

  • Required Linux packages


Once your purchase is confirmed you will be provided with a download link to a zip file containing the image it self and instructions. Once you have downloaded the file, please read the included README.txt file.

What you will need

  • A Raspberry Pi 2 or 3

  • A 2 GB Micro SD card (or larger)

Have any suggestions? Tell me about them! If you pay for this software your suggestions will certainly be considered!

Want to try it out for FREE?

Go here for a limited demo version
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