CJ's Survival Kit (Breaks + Chops + Fills)

NeedThatKit x Canary Julz Present to you the First Installment of the "Survival Kit" Series. In this series, I did alot of Sample Digging to not only Find & Chop some of the dopest Textures and Melodic Elements, but this time I Included some of the dopest Drum Breaks & Drum Fills. 

If you're looking to Upgrade your Drum Break/Fill or Sample Arsenal, this kit is for you.

This Kit Contains :

- 50 Custom Sample Chops (Vibey Samples, Dark Melodic Samples, Asian Flute Samples & more)

- 20 Drum Breaks / Breakbeats (All Chopped to be dragged & Dropped to Any Tempo)

- 20 Drum Fills / Fill - Ins