HRM 326 Week 4, Blended Learning

HRM 326 Week 4, Blended Learning - real life example, Effective Training, Ch. 7

Blended learning is when the class typically includes both workshops – face to face training, as well as e-Learning portions.

I am working on a project right now for the Federal Reserve.  It is a complete curriculum for the bank examiners. A typical examiner might have 200 hours of online training, 50 hours of virtual, instructor-led training, and 80 hours of face to face classroom training.

There is a lot of online training – examiners are out in the field examining banks all the time.  They have to be able to learn at their desks as well as when they are out in the field.
Virtual instructor-led sessions are for problem analysis and discussion.
The classroom portions are both for learning some soft skills such as interviewing bank employees., as well as a vehicle for assessing whether the examiners can demonstrate what they have learned.
All the elements have to be linked and sequenced in a way the provides a strong learning path.

Can you think of other examples, where blended learning might be useful